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Fic: Surrender

Title: Surrender
Pairing: William Moseley/Skandar Keynes
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Self-Explanatory.
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em. Just love 'em. If I owned Will and Skan, they would become porn stars with each other. Unfortunately, I don't own them. But I can pretend.
Summary: Set a few years into the future, both are in their mid-20s and have a few things to sort out. One-shot. Lyrics from "Surrender" by U2.


Oh, the city's alight
With lovers and lies
Bright blue eyes
Oh, the city is bright
It's brighter than day tonight

Surrender, Surrender
Surrender, Surrender


Skandar Keynes flicked his gaze up through a fringe of black bangs, searching for the roof of London's Paddington station. The glow of the bright yellow ball that constituted a lamppost sent his shadow across the ground as he stood in it's circle of light, leaning against the black pole. Long, slender fingers were hidden in the pockets of his jeans. A long-sleeved black, button-down shirt fit loosely around his slim frame. He pulled his hand from his pocket and flicked his wrist, checking the time.


Slender fingers disappeared once more into his pocket and dark eyes glanced from the arrivals sign to platform 9. Few people passed him, the train stations beginning to quiet as the people made their way for homes or shows, or restaurants. He could hear the traffic of the city that never seemed to sleep just outside the station. But his mind was not on London, it's people, or where they were going.


The rushing sound of a train entering the station invaded his senses and the young man shifted his gaze up, watching as the train pulled in to Platform 9. A faint smile pulled at his lips, perhaps a twinkle in his eye, but it was gone a moment later, perhaps never there at all. He turned himself around and leaned his forearms against the black-iron railing, watching the train.


A figure stepped off the train, mussed blonde hair visible and almost vibrant in the artificial light of the station. His brown blazer was open, a simple dark green cotton tee beneath it. He turned at the door and looked down the passage, as though he could feel Skandar's eyes upon him. Crystal-bright blue eyes locked with deep brown, but the distance was too great to read the emotions behind the gaze.


"I tried to catch an earlier one." Skandar looked over as William made his way to Skandar's side, one hand gripping a duffel bag. Skandar squinted, peering over to the large clock-face on the opposite side of the station, not that he needed to.

"It's early enough. It's better this way." William nodded his head, but did not ask what Skandar meant. Skandar pushed himself off the railing, his hands still hidden in his pockets as they made their way towards the exit from Paddington, stepping out into the busy London nightlife. He knew William kept looking over to him, but Skandar paid it no heed, and William did not press. An ambulance screamed past them, it's lights flashing, sirens wailing. William glanced over, following it with his eyes and watching as it disappeared around the corner behind them.

Skandar let his own gaze shift, watching his companion. The night was warm, but not overly warm, and the faint breeze stirred at the hair that hung over William's temple and lightly pushed against the opening to his blazer.

"You called it off, then." It was not a question. William turned and looked back to Skandar, trying to read his gaze.

"Yea. It's off." Skandar nodded his head. He'd known. He was one of the first to know, even though he'd been one of the last to learn of William's engagement. But he didn't ask why. They fell into another silence, turning around a corner.


There was a faint jingle as Skandar pulled the keys to his apartment from his pocket, swinging them by the keyring over his finger and into his palm before he dropped all but the one he needed. William leaned against the railing, looking around as Skandar slotted the key into the door. The lock clicked. The dark-haired young man turned and looked back to William and William had no choice but to listen.

"You never truly loved her to begin with." William opened his mouth to speak but Skandar had already turned around, stepping into his apartment. He flicked the lights as William stepped inside, closing the door behind him. The long hallway was not overly-decorated, but not bare either. He set his duffel bag down at the foot of the coat rack, a black blazer hung carelessly on the hook. Skandar watched, leaning against a doorway to the left, his arms crossed over his chest. He'd rolled his sleeves up partway, pale skin bright against the black of his shirt. He turned and moved into the room when William caught his eye, knowing the other would follow him.


William stepped into the living room, glancing around. Like the hallway it too was not overly-decorated, but not bare. It had a distinct Skandar-flare to it and was surprisingly neat, as though Skandar did not spend too much time in here. He looked up to the young man in question.


"Will, no." Skandar shook his head, uncrossing his arms and moving towards the kitchen, through another door. William followed his movements, moving to stand in the doorway to the kitchen as Skandar moved to his fridge, pulling out two bottles of beer. There was a swish and click as the tops came off. Skandar moved back over to William's side and handed him one of the bottles. He took a swig, watching William take his own. He brushed past William and moved back into the living room, hearing the other turn around, his blazer swishing against the doorframe.


The dark-haired man stopped in the middle of the room, taking a deep breath before he turned and looked at William. William knew the look in Skandar's eyes but he pressed forwards anyway.

"Skan, you know why I did it."

"Did what, Will? Call the wedding off or ask her to marry you to begin with?" He knew that hurt. He knew William well enough. Well let it hurt. He stared over to the blonde, William returning his gaze.


Another siren wailed on the street outside, getting softer as it passed. The lights shifted through the window behind Skandar, sending the shadows of the furniture across the room and lighting up his pale, freckled face before the lights dimmed once more.


Skandar moved first, taking another swallow of his beer, his dark eyes never leaving William's. He turned and moved towards the sofa but William suddenly blocked his path.

"Skan, I called it off because I had to call it off. I made a mista-"

"Sod off, Will," Skandar interrupted suddenly, pushing William out of his way in a fleeting moment of passion that was gone a moment later. He took a sip of his drink and moved to sit down but William caught his arm, swinging him around and pressing his lips to Skandar's none too gently. Skandar growled and shoved William back from him with enough force to make the other stumble backwards, his next words harsh.

"You didn't make a mistake, Will. You knew exactly what you were doing."

Dark eyes blazed beneath raven hair, anger and scorn and something else there in his eyes. He took another sip of his beer to calm himself down again and quickly turned back to the sofa.

"I know exactly what I'm doing now too." A snort of derision came from the younger man and he turned to look at William again.

"It won't work, Will. You broke things off between us. You went off. You did it. It won't work." William watched Skandar silently, blue eyes searching his face.

"Then why did you let me come? Why are you letting me stay?"


William waited but Skandar said nothing, a small dismissive noise finally escaping his throat as he waved a hand at William and turned away. William stepped forwards and put his beer on the table, reaching out and taking Skandar's before he could stop him. Skandar's dark eyes blazed and he pushed his arm into William's stomach to move him out of the way, reaching for it.

"I'm not finished with that." William pulled Skandar back away from the drinks, taking Skandar's face in his hands, conviction in his voice.

"You know why I broke things off. And you know why you let me come, Skan."

"Go to hell," Skandar spat, reaching up to William's wrists, tugging the hands from his face and turning again. William's grip was firm again as he jerked Skandar back around and kissed him again, his hand burying in Skandar's hair as he held him there. Skandar struggled a moment, another growl escaping his throat before he shoved William backwards, sending his fist into William's face.

"You selfish bastard. You think you can just come in here and kiss me like you own me?" His entire body was tensed with fury and pain: passion. William pressed a finger to his lip before he looked over to Skandar and slowly moved back in front of him, their eyes locked.

"Yes." Skandar growled, his mouth opening to retort before William sealed their lips again. He shoved the other away, knocking him against the wall before he slammed a fist into his stomach, winding William. He stood back, staring down at him as William doubled over. The blonde straightened up suddenly and lunged at Skandar, grabbing him and sealing their lips again in a harsh kiss. Skandar shoved him back against the wall, hitting him again.


William's head flew to the side before he was yanked up by the hair and Skandar shoved his lips against William's, pinning him against the wall with his smaller, but muscled frame.

"You selfish bastard," he growled, kissing William furiously. "You left me. You left me for her and you left me knowingly." His fingers tightened on William's hair and he kissed him at the same time, his anger spilling forth between his hand and lips.

William pushed off the wall, spinning their positions and pinning the smaller man to the wall, devouring Skandar's lips with his own. Outside on the street a car horn beeped and set off another car's alarm. The two men fell to the floor and William pinned Skandar down with his body, their lips still moving furiously against each other's. His hands pushed up underneath Skandar's button-up shirt, claiming the heated skin underneath. Skandar growled against William's lips and wrapped his legs tightly around William's waist, pushing up and reversing their positions once more, forcing William's wrists to the floor above his head. His kisses were hard, teeth biting at William's neck, leaving marks, words just as hard.

"I hate you." William grunted underneath Skandar's assault, bucking up with his hips, the muscles in his arms tensing until he broke Skandar's grip. He grabbed for Skandar, flipping them over again. Skandar stared up at him, scorn on his face.

"I hate you. I hate you." William just cut off the words with another harsh, passionate kiss, fingers in between their bodies as he flipped the button on Skandar's jeans, tugging them down over slim hips that jerked up against his own.

"I love you." William's words held just as much force as Skandar's as he roughly tugged off Skandar's jeans. Skandar knocked his head up into William's, turning them again, straddling William's hips as he roughly pulled off his belt, throwing it aside and shoving his hand down into William's pants. William grunted, bucking up into Skandar's hand.

"You did this to us, you sick bastard." William grabbed Skandar and pulled him down, sealing his lips again, the two of them rolling on the floor, bits and pieces of clothing coming off. There was a crash as they knocked into the table, one of the beers falling off and shattering on the floor.


William pinned Skandar down to the floor again, the pale man panting heavily as he stared up at William with open hatred on his face.

"I hate you."

"I love you." William wedged his knee between Skandar's legs, pushing them open as he settled between them. Skandar glared up at him, hatred, disdain, scorn, dark eyes dancing with mockery, challenging William. William accepted the challenge by capturing Skandar's lips, pulling his lower lip between his teeth as he pushed forwards, breaching Skandar's body. Skandar cried out in pain, his lip still caught between William's teeth before he quickly cut it off, refusing William the sound. He looked up to William.

"You're a coward. You're a bloody coward," the younger growled. He suddenly wrapped his legs around William's waist and pushed his heels into William's ass, shoving William up into him, impaling himself on the taller man. He refused to give William the satisfaction of crying out at the intrusion, his teeth gritting together, grinding against the pain, but his dark eyes refused to surrender.

William refused to surrender. He knew what Skandar was waiting for him to do, waiting for him to lose, but he would not surrender. He groaned at the hot tightness that surrounded his length, one that he'd missed so much. His head fell down, hanging over Skandar's, his lips by Skandar's ear, brushing against the curled locks of dark brown hair as he groaned into Skandar's ear.

"I love you." A low growl escaped Skandar's throat, rumbling in his chest. William latched his lips to Skandar's neck, tasting the vibrations, licking them up as he thrust into Skandar, the sound of Skandar's skin sliding against the wooden floor invading his senses. Skandar's fingers dragged over his back, digging into his skin, leaving red scratch marks across his muscles. Another ambulance flew past outside, it's lights flashing through the room, sending Skandar's pale skin cascading into red and then blue, tinting William's hair in colour.


Skandar stared up at William, his eyes still hard as William pistoned into him, panting, his breathing hot and heavy through his nose, his lips sealed tightly shut. He wouldn't surrender.

"You're pathetic. You're disgusting. You disgust me. I hate you." William sealed Skandar's lips with his own, his tongue forcing it's way through into Skandar's mouth. He pulled back with a small cry as Skandar bit down hard on his tongue. He stared down to the brown-haired man, refusing to surrender.

"I love you." He was panting from the exertion, blonde bangs dripping with sweat, plastering to his forehead. His skin sheened in the artificial light of the room, sweat slicking on sweat as their chests rubbed together. He shifted his position in Skandar, letting go of Skandar's wrists to brace himself on the floor, his palms flat on either side of Skandar's head. Skandar's breathing sped up, flashes of pleasure echoing through brown eyes but he refused to voice them.

William reached between their bodies, taking Skandar's need, hot and heavy and dripping, in his hand, jerking him roughly in time with his thrusts into Skandar's body. Skandar's eyes fluttered but still he held on. His lips parted slightly, pink tongue darting out to wet them, his breathing audible now.

"I...hate you." William nibbled on Skandar's earlobe, his breath heavy in Skandar's ear.

"I love you." Skandar said nothing, his breathing speeding up before he arched up beneath William, a moan escaping his lips as he spilled over William's hand and their chests, his muscles tightening around William, locking him within his body. William shoved forwards, sheathing himself deep within Skandar as he shot his seed deep into the other man, pouring it into him. He collapsed on top of Skandar, the both of them lying spent in a tangled heap of arms and legs on the floor. Brown hair collided with blonde in a dizzy array of colours, freckled skin meshed with golden. Another car sped by, loud music thumping from the sub-woofer as it faded down the street.


Skandar's lips were swollen, William's bottom lip was split. William shifted his head into Skandar's neck, gently kissing the burgeoning love-bites and Skandar's fingers traced gently over the raised lines of scratches he'd made on William's back. William trailed his lips along Skandar's jawline, tenderly kissing his swollen lips. Skandar returned the kiss, his fingers moving to bury in tangled blonde locks. The blonde man rested his forehead against Skandar's, their eyes closing as they breathed together, slowly. Where one inhaled, the other exhaled. Where one chest rose, the other fell, never breaking contact.

Skandar let his eyes open, the dark browns no longer hard, no longer angry, but passionate.

"You're mine, Moseley," he whispered against William's lips, his heels pushing into William's ass, urging him to start again, still buried within Skandar. "Say it."

William returned the kiss, surrendering once more to Skandar, his hips starting to move, his thrusts slow now, tender.

"I'm yours, Skan. I'm yours." Skandar pursed his lips beneath William's kiss, but he returned it. For now, it was enough.



Oh, the city's alight
With lovers and lies
Bright blue eyes
Oh, the city is bright
It's brighter than day tonight

Surrender, Surrender
Surrender, Surrender

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Mmm. William, you idiot! That was sad. And it was lovely. But still sad. Poor Skandar. William, you idiot! but then it was really hot! And lovely! But it was always awesome!
Thankee, meh Subbeh. Glad you liked it. :)

Sex. Angry!Sex. LOVING IT!
Write more. Cause like, I want more.
BTW: On a note thats actually useful to you, I loved the sounds of the city in the background. It made it very vivid to me...I know those sounds, made me able to picture it much better. Feel it. Ya know? You know. I know you do. Cause I said so.
*hits with fish just for laughs*
Thankee, El! Haha yea it was the lyrics that really inspired me but I was really hearing the sounds of the city in the background when I was writing it. I have this image of Skandar's apartment too and it was a really vivid image for me too! I do know the sounds of the city! I recently spent a week in London, and I've been there before, so I was really picturing all of these places! I'm so glad you liked it! :D

*hits with oar just for laughs*

As for angry!sex, yes, it's angry, and it's so right for them right now.


10 years ago

Skandar's lips were swollen, William's bottom lip was split.

That line is just like, poetry to me. It's so pretty. The whole story is so pretty, and so angsty. I like it a lot. I love those boys. Very, very lovely story.
Thank you! I'm so glad you like it! Poetry? That's one of the biggest compliments you could give me! Thank you so much!

I love those boys too. I just can't help myself. They are perfect aren't they? :)

Thanks for reading!

Deleted comment

Hi, thank you!
Maybe it's just me, ambulances in the US at least flash red and blue depending on where you are. I can't remember for the UK though, haven't actually seen one.

I'm glad you liked! Thank you!


10 years ago

WOW. Hate!sex is HOT.
Erm, haha thank you! Yes those two were not about to have happy lovey dovey sex for that one. Glad you liked!
after this...i must friend you

this is by far one of the greatest fics ive read

you kill me, they kill me

and it make my cry just so gosh

please chat with me and friend back :)
your icon is sex :)
Wow! Thank you very much! One of the greatest fics you've read? That's a really nice compliment! Thank you! I'm honoured!

I suppose everyone has their moments of brilliance. This fic just totally came to me. I'm so glad you liked it!

Skan himself is sex. But I'm glad you like the icon too! :) Thank you!

Deleted comment

:D! Why thank you! I'm glad you liked!
That was absolutely AMAZING angry sex, you know that, right?
Haha well thank you! I certainly try! They needed to have angry sex! It just wouldn't have worked any other way! Thank you!
This made me blush, which takes some doing!
Well I suppose that that's a good thing! I certainly wasn't going for that! I was just going for realism! :) Glad you liked! Thank you!


9 years ago


9 years ago

Oh my gosh. That was some kind of amazing and twenty kinds of wonderful. Really. Every line was just so gorgeous with just the right amount of detail and imagery and wow. Just wow. And hot too. Thanks. Your fic is going to keep me up at night. Lol.
Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked it! You really are making me blush from those compliments! All of those things are the things that I work on most in a story and it seems that I succeeded! I'm so glad! Thank you so much for the awesome review!

Aw, but don't let it keep you up at night! You need to sleep sometime! :)