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Wide Eyes Terrified: Chapter 7

Title: Wide Eyes Terrified

Disclaimer: Don't own 'em, just love 'em.

Rating: Putting this one up at R for themes and events.

Summary: Peter learns just how harmful loving Edmund can be. The question is, will he realize before it manages to destroy them both? Will he be able to cope, knowing its his love that puts Edmund in danger? (this is NOT SLASH)

Author's Note: I've been gone for far too long. I did not mean to take this long, but things have been hectic. I've been caught up in leaving school for the summer, getting back to work, and writing a huge fic with suborbital. So, you have my apologies, though I hope you still want to read, if you're even still there. But you may just hate me for not updating, which I'll understand. But you probably don't want to hear me ramble. You've waited long enough!

Dedication: I must dedicate this to suborbital, because she is the one who made this chapter possible for all of you! Everyone should go and thank her! And also to capegio, because I miss her, and I want her home now.

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The tears came hot and heavy, streaking down his face like silent star trails. The tiny droplets of shattered hope fell softly onto Edmund's face, mixing with the tears Edmund had shed only moments before. Peter's shoulders shook violently as he wept; the small sounds he was barely making, the small breaths he was barely taking, entwined and caressed the once sun-kissed face below his, gently weaving through the oh-so-familiar raven-dark hair.

"Ed no, you can't," he whispered in between his tears, voice tiny and dejected. "You can't leave-… you can’t leave me."

And once more he buried his face in the unruly dark hair, tears springing forth from the waterfall that had finally broken through the dam. He tried to smile, tried to pretend none of this was real.

"Do you remember that time, when you played that prank on the girls the night of the masquerade? Do you remember, Ed?” He paused for a moment, more tears falling into dark curls. “I promise we’ll never make you pay for your pranks again. I promise we'll never make fun of you for looking good in that dress again. Ed, I promise, I promise,” he sobbed brokenly, unable to keep the shaky smile on his face any longer. "Just please Ed, please don't leave me yet."

And then Peter was lifting his head, staring down at Edmund, waiting for a reaction-waiting for his brother to smile, waiting for those mischievous dark eyes to open and that smirking mouth to tell Peter he was being a pathetic git- but Edmund remained still. The blonde king's eyes narrowed.

"You can't leave me!" he cried out, pounding his fist once onto Edmund's chest, directly upon his sternum. Edmund's body jerked roughly beneath Peter's strike, but remained unmoving.

“Peter!” Lucy and Susan screamed at once, rushing forwards. But Peter was past hearing anything. His eyes were only on Edmund, and the unnatural stillness of his body, which only served to anger Peter even more.

"Ed, you promised!" he yelled desperately, once more slamming his fist down onto Edmund's chest.

“Peter, what are you doing?” Susan cried out, grabbing his wrist as he brought it back again. Peter immediately struggled against her.

“No! Nono! Let me go! He can’t do this! No!” He flew his hand back, barely missing Susan’s face and she let go out of shock, but Peter hardly noticed. He slammed it back down on Edmund’s chest, feeling that same unnatural jerk of his body.

"Ed, you promised you wouldn't leave me!"


“Peter, please!” Lucy cried desperately, in absolute shock, grabbing Peter and hugging him around the middle. Susan tried to move past Peter towards Edmund’s body but Peter would not allow her. Together the sisters wrapped their arms around their one remaining brother, trying desperately to focus their combined strength on pulling Peter away. Peter would have none of it, still focused only on Edmund, even as he struggled.

“Peter, stop this nonsense!”

"You PROMISED you WOULDN’T leave me!”

Slam. Slam.

“Peter, what has gotten into you?”

"I promised,"


“Peter, don’t do this! He’s your brother!”

"and you promised!"


“Peter, leave him alone!”

"You CAN’T"


“Peter what are you doing!”




"-that PROMISE!"

Susan and Lucy grabbed him desperately and Tumnus rushed to aid them, finally realizing his help was needed. The three of them pulled Peter back from Edmund’s body a split second later. Still struggling against them, Peter brought his fist down forcefully against Edmund's chest, absolutely refusing to submit, anger clouding his senses once more, and he felt the jerk of Edmund's body beneath his hand one more time.

And suddenly Edmund was there, Edmund was moving- his back arching, lithe body arching into an almost perfect bow as the young king was once more gasping in air.


Susan froze. Lucy froze. Tumnus froze. And Peter froze. Everyone in the room was in absolute shock, wide-eyes staring at the suddenly very-much-alive dark-haired teen. Peter was the first to react once more, and he pulled himself free of their hold, scrambling across the bed to pull Edmund’s upper body back into his arms, his mind and body reacting on instinct. He leaned down, face close to Edmund’s own, whispering frantically to him.

“Its ok, Ed,…shh…I’m here…GET THAT MAN IN HERE!...shhh…come on Ed, breathe with me…GET DORJAN IN HERE NOW!” The others in the room jumped, startled by Peter’s outburst, harshly placed amongst his soothing words. Tumnus immediately left the room, leaving the girls to watch their brother desperately try to soothe the gasping teen in his arms. Lucy and Susan turned to each other, eyes full of unspoken understanding.

Peter pressed his forehead to Edmund’s, his face still wet, eyes shining with tears unshed.

“Come on, Ed…I know you can do this…just breathe for me…I’ve got you…” he whispered. But Edmund continued to heave, lungs unable to take in a proper breath. Peter squeezed his eyes tightly shut, forcing the rest of those brief tears back. Somewhere deep inside himself Peter realized that there were no more chances. Edmund had literally died once; if Peter could not calm him down, there would be no going back. He had to calm his brother down. “I’m not going to lose you again, Ed…I know you’ve been through so much…its only a little bit longer….just stay with me my little midnight devil…I’ve got you, you’re safe…just stay with me…” Edmund’s eyes shut tightly, tears leaking from the corners. He opened them again, wet brown irises staring into Peter’s, silently pleading, his body unable to do anything but gasp in pain. Peter smiled, his lips curving upwards sadly, gently wiping a lone tear from Edmund’s cheek with his thumb, trying to be strong for his brother.

There was a commotion at the door and the girls and Peter looked up quickly. The healer was escorted into the room between two guards, Oreius entering after them, shutting the door for good measure. Dorjan’s eyes immediately locked onto Peter’s, whose own bright blues had narrowed, flashing angrily. His thumb continued to stroke Edmund’s cheek in an effort to calm him, even as he glared at the healer.

“Give me the medicine,” he spoke, calmly, menacingly. The healer stood still for a moment, as though trying to process what Peter had said. And indeed, Peter had spoken so softly, it was barely heard over the heartbreaking sounds coming from his brother. The few seconds of silence were interrupted when Dorjan laughed, startling the girls; though if he had startled Peter it did not show. He stopped just as quickly, eyes locking back onto Peter’s challengingly.

“Do you really think that I would keep the antidote on my person, foolish boy?” he mocked, face set upwards in a twisted sneer. Peter glared intently, arms still cradling his shaking brother. After a few moments he responded, voice laced with a quiet authority.

“Yes, for you would wish to be sure that no one was able to lay their hands on it.” Peter glanced to the guards. “Search him,” he ordered, eyes returning to Edmund once more. As the guards stepped closer the man pulled a small vial out of his pocket, holding it out.

“Take one more step towards me and I’ll drop it.”


Well, there you have it. I hope it wasn't too bad. So tell me, did any of you catch just what Peter did? And how many of you truly expected Peter to react like that? Haha be truthful now! I hope that the next chapter doesn't take as long to post, but if Sub has anything to do with it, it'll be up rather fast. I hope you all enjoyed this one! Review if you wish to tell me that people are still reading. Otherwise I'll understand if you don't and I'll stop writing! Muah to you all!
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