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Wide Eyes Terrified: Chapter 5

Title: Wide Eyes Terrified

Disclaimer: Don't own 'em, just love 'em.

Rating: Putting this one up at R for themes and events.

Summary: Peter learns just how harmful loving Edmund can be. The question is, will he realize before it manages to destroy them both? Will he be able to cope, knowing its his love that puts Edmund in danger? (this is NOT SLASH)

Author's Note: Things are really starting to heat up here. Not the best chapter ever, but its something I guess. I had a moment with it, and was about ready to throw the entire fic out. So if you would like to thank anyone for me showing you this monstrosity, you should thank thefloatingbear, redleaf0, and capegio, because they are the ones who helped me through my weird stage. Shoutouts to them! -luffs muchly-

Oh! And I would especially like to thank capegio for helping me out with some particularly tough spots! I luff you hunna!

Dedication: I think this chapter shall be dedicating to teh one and only CoveredInGlitter, because its her birthday! Happy Birthday darling! I hope this was a nice surprise for you :)

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4


“Come on Lu…” Edmund laughed, skipping just out of reach, disappearing behind a tree. She looked around frantically.

“Edmund where are you?” Her brother laughed, she could hear it, it echoed around her, through her, far away yet so close.

“Come on Lu, aren’t you going to catch me?” She looked around before running blindly forward, trying to see her brother amongst the trees. More laughter.

“Edmund where ar-” Edmund seemed to materialize in front of her, brown eyes twinkling. He held up her knife, the one given to her by Father Christmas.

“Look what I have Lu…don’t you want it back?” He smirked. She lunged forward but he vanished again, slipping right through her fingers, her hands grasping air as more laughter echoed around her.

“Come on Lu…come and get it…” Again she looked around frantically, trying to pinpoint the echo.

“Edmund stop this!” she yelled, turning in frustrated circles, running forwards. The laughter continued around her. All around her the trees seemed to sway with the stillness of the breeze, sway with the echoing peals of laughter.

“Hurry Lu…hurry…” her brother’s laughing voice mocked her. She spun around, barely catching the streak of black as it disappeared behind another tree. She ran forward.

“Where are you Lu…” She turned to the left, another streak of black. She ran towards it.

“Come on Lu…this way…” Her head snapped to the left: another flash of black clothing.

“Edmund stop this!” she screamed once more, head whipping around frantically. “How am I supposed to find you if you keep disappearing?”

“But you already know where I am…” …smooth…enticing…

“Edmund please! Where are you!”

“Don’t think Lu…don’t think…” …silky…alluring…A flash of twinkling brown eyes, a glimpse of pale freckled skin behind a tree… She ran forward then stopped and turned quickly, rushing backwards. Lucy shoved her hands before her and they suddenly contacted with something warm and soft. Edmund smiled down at her, placing the dagger back in her hands.

“You can win Lu…” he smiled. She took her dagger back, belting it to her waist.

“Edmund I don’t understand…” Edmund shook his head, smiling down at her.

“You can win Lu…” His voice sounded more distant. She looked up at him, alarmed.

“Edmund!” She reached forward, her fingers only connecting with the air as Edmund stepped back, still smiling down at her.

“Now you can protect me Lu…”…Voice even softer, even more distant. She stepped forward again. Edmund flickered before her, body solid then translucent.


…tiny fingers reaching…grabbing…clutching…

“Edmund please!”

…brown eyes shutting…body fading…pale lips still smiling…

“Edmund how can I protect you if you leave me!”

…reaching, grasping, missing…wide eyes staring around desperately in the empty woods…

“Don’t think Lu…Don’t think…”

A loud crash echoed through the castle and Lucy jerked awake for the second time that night. Disoriented, she grabbed the nightstand as she pushed herself up, her fingers unknowingly closing over her small dagger as she rushed from the room, racing towards the sound.


Peter lunged forward, catching the healer by the throat. Every nerve in his body was tingling, singeing him with its icy chill. He wanted nothing more than to mar, maim, no mutilate this man. It was like a black spot, a glacial hand, burrowing deep down into every orifice of his being.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you right now," he growled, menacingly. Dorjan smirked, watching as first Oreius and Tumnus, then Susan, then Lucy, and finally a few of the nearest guards entered the room, hearing the commotion. He glanced at each one of them in turn, smirk never disappearing, before turning back to Peter.

"If you kill me," he began, eyes level, "then the boy dies."

This prompted a harsh snarl from the blonde king, enraged by any references to Edmund. He brought his face close to Dorjan’s.

"And just why should I believe you?" he ground out, shaking him ferally for emphasis. The former healer merely shrugged.

"Because you have no other choice."

Peter stared at him, unsure of what to do. He was usually the calm one, he usually kept himself under control, but the situations never had anything to do with his brother. Behind him Susan stepped forward, anger flashing through her eyes.

“You savage creature, how dare you! You have no right!” Peter whipped his head around to look at her, still holding Dorjan against the wall. The man sneered, turning his attention to Susan, completely unperturbed by his predicament.

“In my household, a woman doesn’t speak unless she is spoken to wench.” Lucy’s eyes narrowed, her own anger springing forth, but Peter growled, shoving him back into the wall before she could say anything.

“That is not how you address a Lady you son of a bitch,” he hissed. Lucy gasped behind them but it was covered as the man laughed, though the sound was devoid of all mirth. Peter shoved him roughly against the wall again, his hand still clenched in the man’s collar. The healer’s eyes alighted on Peter, no warmth reflecting in them.

“Honestly Your Highness, you really should put your women in their place.” Peter’s eyes narrowed and he shoved him again.

“Their place is far above yours. Now tell me what you did to my brother or I shall not be held responsible for my actions.” The man shrugged as best he could against the wall.

“Why should it matter your majesty-” he mocked, “you cannot save him anyway.” A flicker of fear passed through Peter’s eyes, but it was gone a moment later. He stared at Dorjan, mind trying to work quickly. The man leered, “What’s the matter, upset that your brother is as good as dead?” Oreius stepped forward quickly before Peter could respond, placing a hand on his shoulder, understanding Peter’s predicament.

"Let him go Your Majesty, we shall deal with him." Oreius spoke softly, firmly. But Peter knew he did not want to let go. His eyes narrowed. He wanted to cause this man, this criminal, as much pain as he possibly could. Dimly he wondered if this was how the Queen had felt, taking out all her icy anger on Aslan’s army during the battle. Yet unlike that time, this was one man, and Peter was not one to hold personal grudges. But ever since Edmund’s life had been threatened, this had become personal. Edmund was his family; this was just about as personal to Peter as anything could be. Peter was not about to let this go lightly. But what if the man did know how to save his brother? It made sense; the assassin is also the savior.

This time Oreius' grip on his shoulder was a bit firmer.

"Your Majesty, let him go, we can handle this." And suddenly Peter was a flurry of movement. He slammed the man forcefully into the wall, removing Oreius' hand from his shoulder in the process. There was ferocity in his eyes that the others had never seen before. Those eyes held a passion, passion and fury mixed with a haze of other emotions, and he was slowly spinning out of control. He tried to calm his breathing, not sure what decision he wished to make. He just wanted to kill this man, and handing him over to Oreius was the last thing on his mind. Finally he threw Dorjan to the floor, standing over him with his full fury unleashed. The others weren't sure whether to stop Peter or stand back for their own safety. Peter stared at the man before him, eyes alight.

"He will not die," the blonde king hissed vehemently. He turned to the others. "He will not die!" he repeated, with more force. There was a shocked silence, filled only with the harsh breathing of Peter's rage. Susan grabbed Lucy to her, hugging her tightly as they both stared at Peter in horror. Their brother’s entire body was trembling, his hands clenched at his sides. The echoes of his harsh breathing filled the room.

“P-Peter?” Lucy finally asked, voice tiny. Peter’s head slowly turned to her and she gasped as those blue eyes locked on her. Only they weren’t blue anymore; they were a deep stormy grey, and Lucy could see the myriad of emotions flitting through them. Moments later they were gone, Peter had turned back to the man before them. With some satisfaction Lucy watched the tiniest flicker of fear pass through the man’s eyes as he stared back at Peter.

Peter was beyond all rational thought. His heart was racing wildly in his chest, threatening to pound right out of his ribcage. But he didn’t care. He didn’t care about anything, and he didn’t see anything besides the man before him. He was beyond all rational thought, slowly falling into an insipid black oblivion the likes of which he had never been entrenched within before; its deafening isolation blocking out anything and everything. Peter was slowly falling, falling into his own twisted dreams of destruction and pain, and there was only one thing strong enough to pull him back out…

A broken scream tore through the air, echoing through the castle and bouncing across the walls in the kitchen. Peter's head snapped in the direction of his room just as the scream cut off. No words were spoken, the man completely forgotten as Peter dashed from the room, racing back to the source of the scream - his brother - his other half: Edmund.


Alright so tell me truthfully everyone, how many of you were expecting it to be the healer? ;) No Edmund in this chapter, but I promise you'll be seeing a lot of him quite...soon. *cough* Peter almost totally lost it in this chapter though. Pretty scary huh? Hopefully the other chapters will be a bit easier in coming out, but you know me, I always put my foot in my mouth, so I shall make no promises. Hope you reviewers don't hate me after this one! Chapter 6 is going to be pretty. . .big. I'm warning you now.

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