Spoony Bard (0oraeraeo0) wrote in daily_snippets,
Spoony Bard

*looks around* Wow...this place looks vaguely familar... har har..
Ahhh man, i havn't been too awful active on LJ for like, um, ever? *feels horrid* But hey, thats ok, it's not that i'm gone.....just horribly horribly lazy. Frankly i blame a certain someone who has officially taken over my life.....i won't name any names....
...but i think you know who you are....

*kracks knuckles* Seein as to how i've been lackin in the part of 'contributing' to this group that of which i am a part of *waits for faerie_dance to smack her for that* I got around to drawin another piccah to help fill it. *grins and giggles* Granted i should be whacked many many times for drawin it...poor Will and Skan...i hope the poor dears don't ever stumble across my secret obsessivenss with wanting them to shag each other senseless. =3
...or in this case...lick hand....*giggles*

Twas a giddly mood that led to this... spent an entire day lookin at photos of Will and Skan.... got the nerve to try and make a semi-realistic attempt at them....har har...shame on me.. =3
.. I could have done worse i suppose.
Anywho just thought i'd post this here for any of you Will/Skan gally gals that just can't get enough of them i aint brave enough to post it anywhere else X3.

Enjoy dearies!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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