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Peter/Edmund artage

Weeell since miss faerie_dance doesn't have any objections to me postin ma art here despite it bein daily_SNIPPETS and not daily_PICCITS i'll go on ahead and take advantage of that little liberty. =3 ...i give her the same right anyhow... =P

Well, I meant to color this, never got around to that... still plan to do it....*nods*
I'll eventually get around to that.... just gotta sit down and actually do it....for me that's harder than ya think.... *has the attention span of a dead fly*

*decides not to bore everyone with a long ass explaination of her picture for once*

*sighs*... i love pics that are leadin up to... SMEX!!

*coughs and subtly nods head toward background in the 'there is something there' type of way*

har har...i totally just made up an outfits for Ed and Peter. *headdesk* ...i thought i might have been overdoin drawin um in their coronation outfits a bit... i mean they can't run around in them things ALL the time can they?
...they're royalty....royalty always has like twenty million different outfits stashed away somewhere.... =3

Speakin of clothes.... i find it terribly funny how Ed is practicly nekkid and yet Peter still has all his clothes on.... how does he do it?
Common... Ed...nearly nekkid... looking so damn cute...freckles... it's irrisistable baybeh... and by the looks of where Peter has that one hand.... i bet he's thinkin that too... *grins*

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

...is it just me or does this damn thing look like it's tellin a story... har har....

...Comments are love... you know i'd love to have some love... =D
*giggles and runs to hide in a wardrobe or something*
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