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More ficcage baby...

Title: Snowflake
Pairing: William Moseley/Skandar Keynes
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Slash, fluff enough to choke on, a ridiculously romantic Will, a ridiculously adorable Skandar, boys kissing and touching, and once more and forever more - the hideous misuse of British words...
Summary: Watching the snow fall, having a nice chat followed up by a bit of kissing is always nice...
Disclaimer: Don’t own um, just really, really, really love um. =3

Notes: Meh, i thought i'd give a shot at trying something more endearing and sweet rather than that nice raunchy smex stuffers that i like to work with. Smex is always a nice angle to work with but sometimes nice sweet fics work just as well.. ...smex still rocks my socks tho...

Dedication: Well duuuuh - faerie_dance. She's the one that happened to throw out the word 'snowflake' that got this ficcy rolling in the first place.... she's probably gonna get a whole lot of dedications thrown out to her simply for the fact that she's the reason i actually write.


Wiping at his running nose with a sigh, Skandar placed one slender fingered hand against the cool glass of the window, letting his fingers trace idly across the lightly fogged surface. He traced his digits aimlessly as he watched the dainty white flakes fall beyond and lightly against the window - a winter wonderland slowly but surely acquiring with each little flake.
The sound of someone entering into the room went unheard by the blissfully content boy as he tracked his fingers thoughtlessly against the glass pane. Glistening blues not once left Skandar as they slid mutely behind his standing form, hands quickly encircling the youngers midsection. Skandar gasped in surprise, his body naturally going rigid at the unexpected touch, fingers dragging through some of the fog etchings.

“Enjoying the weather scene ‘Snowbud’?”

Recognizing the low rich voice behind him, Skandar let himself relax and sink against the warm firm body, taking comfort in the light tightening of the grip. He didn’t have to look to know who it was, if the voice didn’t give it away, the nickname – just one of many - sure would have.

Honestly, how many people actually use tea flavors as nicknames?
Well… other than -

“William…” Skandar lightly breathed, his fingers sliding from the glass, a row of drag marks following their descent, “what are you doing back so soon? I didn’t think the party ended until midnight.”

“Mmmm, I left early. I missed you.” William murmured, letting his chin rest on Skandar’s shoulder.

“It’s only been about four hours since you last saw me….” Skandar pointed out with a light sniffle.

William chuckled behind him, “Well it was fours hours too many for me. It wasn’t the same without you there. It’s quite hard to drag a person behind a curtain and give them a good snogging if they’re not there now isn’t it? And you KNOW how the possibility of getting caught in public turns me on…”

Skandar felt a light blush lighting up his cheeks to match his red rubbed nose at William’s words and how his hands plucked teasingly at his pants..

“Turn ons aside, the party was getting to be a bit of a drag. It was fun for a bit but after a while I found myself getting rather bored and annoyed with all the questions – honestly Skandar you wouldn’t believe how many times I had to tell people ‘HE’S SICK!’. Some people can be a bit on the dense side at times Skan..”

Lifting a hand Skandar let it find it’s way into William’s hair to stroke and tease it in a silent ‘it’s ok’ notion.

“Oh and before I forget I have a few messages for you: Georgie told me to tell you to ‘get better soon you lazy git’, James referred me to a bottle of ‘Jack Daniel’s’ to give to you to ‘help’ with your cold, Tilda and Andrew mentioned some herbal treatment that they swear by, and Anna said, and I quote, ‘You tell Skandar that he needs to eat plenty of Chicken broth and to keep fluids in his system. I know him, I know how he is, so you inform him I’m not below coming over and forcing a bowl of soup or several bottles of water down his throat.’
…And I don’t think she was joking either…”

Skandar laughed lightly, letting his head loll back. “Wow, I feel so loved.”
William pressed a light kiss to the side of Skandar’s cheek, “And you should. That delightfully wicked sense of humor of yours was missed.”

“Mmm hmm, yes, well, be that as it may, I highly doubt anyone really wants to chance the possibility of catching this nasty cold just to see me or my ‘humor’.”
As if on cue, a rather strong series of coughs racked Skandar’s body, sending him doubling over as he covered his mouth to try and keep them at bay. As he battled the small fit he could feel one of William’s hands slid to his back and rub it.
Skandar found himself rather thankful for the comforting notion.

After a moment the coughs subsided and Skandar straightened back up, wiping his spit spattered hands on his jeans. He didn’t have to turn around to see William’s worry stricken face; it was visible in the reflective surface of the window. At once he felt wretched for having dampened William’s mood as the elder had been in a brighter mood before then.

“Skan? Are you ok? Do you need to sit down?”

Sighing, Skandar turned around, offering a meager, but genuine smile to his concerned lover, “I’m fine Will, don’t worry. Just a small cough-fit - in case you didn’t realize, whenever a person gets sick they do usually cough.”
William’s brow remained furrowed as he eyed Skandar with wary concern. Exasperated, Skandar grabbed one of his hands and held it tightly to his chest, leaning forward slightly, “Will! Honest! I’m fine! I don’t think I have to worry about keeling over due to a little old cold. So stop with the worrying!”

Skandar was relieved when Will’s face finally unscrewed itself from its concern to be replaced by the characteristic smile that he was notably known for – especially by all his many, many, fan-girls…. Many, many fan-girls that Skandar didn’t quite care for…
Skandar felt a scowl coming on at the memory of quite a few instances where many a fan-girl not only flirted with William, but also at times even tried to kiss him.
HIS William!
Oh how hard it always was not to march right over, throw whatever girl off, and to grab William and give him a good snogging right in front of the whole lot of them.

THAT ought to give them girls a clue…

The feel of a hand brushing against his cheek brought Skandar out of his mental ramblings to find William’s smile had brightened and his eyes shinning in amusement. “I know that look anywhere – thinking about some fan-girls are we?”
“…More like thinking of ways to get rid of said ‘fan-girls’.” Skandar grumbled, with a frown.

Chortling, William leaned down, placing a kiss on the shorters forehead. “I love it when you get angry, you always have the cutest expressions.” Skandar felt his cheeks start to burn, though it was forgotten when William leaned down further to kiss him on the lips. Right before William could do so though Skandar reached up and covered the older’s mouth, shaking a finger at him.

“Are you crazy? I’m sick Will, do you want to catch this thing too?”

Letting out an aggravated sigh, William pulled back, knocking Skandar’s hand away. “It’s been a week now, when will you let me kiss you again? It’s hard enough keeping my hands off of you but not even letting me kiss you? Do you know how hard it is for me to not to just pick you up, throw you onto the next closest softest surface and have my way with you, my little ‘Snowbud’?”

Skandar giggled and shrugged, “Aww, poor baby, you must be pretty desperate at this point, what with having gone a full 7 days without any…’activity’. And the whole kissing deal is just adding salt to the injury isn’t it? Well, I’m sorry to say you’re going to have to keep on waiting.” With that, Skandar whirled around and took to staring out the window again at the sparkling snow, a grin on his lips. He heard a loud sigh behind him, and giggled when he felt William grab him and pull him flush against his body, kissing him several times on one freckle dotted cheek.

“You’re an evil little bastard you know that? But I can wait, I can wait for as long as it takes for you to get better, and do you know why?”
Skandar fought back his giggles as he playfully pulled at William’s hands that held him, “No, why?”

“Because,” Another quick kiss was placed on Skandar’s face, “when you DO get better I know that the sex is going to be fan-‘bloody’-tastic. And as long as I know it’s going to be ‘fan-‘bloody’-tastic I can wait for as long as it takes.”

Skandar felt his face heat up again but another coughing fit chose the time to make itself re-known, sending him to hacking and coughing his head off. After spending the next few moments hacking into his hands with William, once more, rubbing on his back, they finally died off leaving him to catch his breath. William opened his mouth but Skandar raised a hand silencing him.

“I’m fine. Just coughing. You worry too much.”

Thankful that William let the matter drop, Skandar felt him settle in behind him again, his hands settling around his hips and his head resting atop his. And for the next several minutes they stayed that way as they contently watched the snowfall, Skandar enjoying the feel of William’s body pressed so closely to his own. Letting his eyes momentarily flicker shut, he let himself sink as far as he could into William’s hold, delighting in the slow, comforting rhythmatic rise and fall of the others chest.
Before long one of Skandar’s hands found it’s way to the window again to trace across the fogged glass.

“Will…. You don’t have to stay here. I’m sure they’re really missing you back at the bash...” Skandar quietly pointed out, wiping his hand across his lightly red runny nose.

“But I want to stay.” William responded, letting one hand rise to settle over Skandar’s hand that was on the window.
“…Why? At least there you could have a bit of fun...” Skandar lightly continued.

Curiously, Skandar watched as William released his hand and tapped on the window where some of the out-linings that he had done earlier were. A rather fierce blush spread across his face like wild-fire when he realized that he had, at some point, drawn in a somewhat fancy ‘W’ and a ‘S’ with a ‘+’ sign between the letters. William must have noticed his embarrassment as a deep chuckle reached Skandar’s ears causing his blush to deepen.
Feeling sheepish at being caught, he tried to hide his face in his shirt but each time he tried to pull it up to cover it William tugged it back down with a soft chuckle.
Becoming a bit annoyed with William, Skandar was ready to turn around and bury his face in William’s chest as a means of escape. However, movement out of the corner of his eye got his attention, causing him to notice one of William’s fingers moving around the letters on the glass. Skandar’s brow furrowed when he couldn’t make out what William was doing but when the other boy pulled his hand back Skandar could clearly make out what it was.

-Drawn on the glass, encircling the two letters was a heart…
To Skandar’s eyes it was the most perfect heart he’d ever seen, and the longer he stared at it the brighter his re-ignited blush burned.

THAT’S why I want to stay.” Skandar heard William murmur into his ear, his warm breath grazing across it, sending a shiver down his spine.

“Oh Will…” Skandar breathed gingerly, tipping his head back to look into William’s charming face and sparkling sapphire eyes, “since when have you become so romantic…?” He asked, his eyes starting to water slightly at their corners.
“Since meeting you, ‘Snowbud’ “ William stated matter-factly, wiping lightly at Skandar’s eyes where tears threatened to spill over.
“Liar.” Skandar lightly teased with a loving smile, letting one of his hands reach up to bury into the taller boy’s mop of unruly blond hair. “You’ve always been a romantic – ‘Mr. Teacup’ the charming romanticizer; charming people since the 1980’s.”

“Babies aren’t charming Skan.”
“You were.”
“…And I repeat ‘babies aren’t charming', they’re cute but-“
”You were charming AND cute and you know what? The older you got the more charming and cute you became. Nuff said.”
William sighed, “I give, it’s useless fighting with you.” Skandar smiled triumphantly up at him.
“…But you’re defiantly wrong about one thing though…” Skandar let one dark eyebrow rise as William lowered his face until his and Skandar’s faces were nearly touching. “You’re the only person that I ever charm my little ‘snowbud’

Skandar was about to argue that point but it was lost him when he felt a hand slip beneath his trousers to stroke and tease the soft flesh beneath.
“Will..” Skandar groaned in a cautionary tone, his fingers tangling deeper within William’s hair.
“Please Skandar….” William pleaded in a hushed voice.
“..What ever… happened… to… waiting?” Skandar gasped out.
“Sod waiting, I've decided I want you now.” William groaned.
“…But…but... you might catch my-“

Before he could finish Skandar felt his hand being detangled from William’s hair and himself being turned around to meet William’s gaze, the lust hidden within their depths burning brightly around the edges of his irises, darkening their blue color immensely in, what Skandar considered, a rather contradictory fashion.

“William..” Skandar started, but a finger was placed on his lips, silencing him.

“You’re a little dicky, so what? I’m willing to take my chances Skandar, because you’re worth it to me now hush up about it already, you’re killing the moment.” William informed his wide-eyed lover, a gentle grin pulling at his lips as a brief coughing fit struck Skandar’s lithe form again.
After fighting the coughs off successfully Skandar let his eyes trail back up to stare sheepishly up at William, sniffing and wiping at his nose, though he knew not if it was because of his cold this time. He lightly chewed on his bottom lip in his concentration before finally coming to a decision. Giving a coy grin, Skandar leaned up on his tipi-toes and placed a quick kiss on William’s nose, catching the older boy somewhat off guard.

“Ok Moseley... you’ve managed to romance yourself right into my-“

That was all it took and Skandar found William’s lips already locked on his own, drowning out any further words, not that he cared right that moment. The only thing he could care about was the feel of William’s hands buried in his hair and his firm mouth pressing so fiercely against his own. It didn’t take long for a tongue to begin probing enticingly at his lips, begging for entrance which Skandar eagerly obliged, parting his lips with a needy moan. William’s tongue right away slipped past his now parted lips to re-explore familiar territory whilst Skandar wrapped his arms around William’s neck, trying to push as close to him as he could. Vaguely Skandar realized that they were moving backwards but the sensation of William’s tongue caressing and stroking his own made him just not care.
Skandar groaned deep in his throat, when William lured his tongue over to his mouth where he began to lightly suck upon it, nearly causing Skandar to gasp aloud at the wondrous sensation. Skandar wanted the sensations to go on forever as he hadn’t got to experience them since catching his cold but a burning in his lungs ultimately forced him and William to part, faces flushed, panting heavily.

Skandar let his head fall against William’s chest as he tried to catch his breath. “Wow…. forgot… how great… that could be..” He gasped out.
“Mmm hmmm.” William agreed, placing a kiss on the top of Skandar’s messy hair. “And just think, we have ALL night to re-acquaint ourselves with these wonderful sensations…”

Grinning, Skandar pulled back to stare up at William through his disorderly raven-colored locks. “Randy are we?”
William ran his hand through Skandar’s hair, pulling the curls that had fallen into his face back as he lightly pushed him backwards. “When am I not?”
Snickering under his breath, Skandar gave a start when he felt his knees came in contact with something behind him. Taking his eyes off of William for the first time he noticed, quite to his surprise, that they had somehow made it to his room of the flat. Staring around the familiar territory in his surprise Skandar looked behind him and saw that it had been his bed that he’d been backed against.
Turning a wary eye on William a question burned to the surface of his mind.
…. He knew it would be a stupid question and he already knew the answer but Skandar still couldn’t keep it from escaping the tip of his tongue.

“…William…just what are you plan-”

Skandar cut off with a yelp when William roughly shoved him onto the bed, already undoing his ever present rams head belt and pulling his shirt savagely open, several of it’s buttons flying into the darkness of the surrounding room.
Visibly gulping, Skandar began to wonder if it was really such a good idea giving into William. He knew it had been a while since they had a shag but...
…Wow… William was acting completely sex-starved….

Skandar tried to move back on his bed but William was on top of him before he could even get himself propped up enough to try. He emitted a surprised gasp as the older boy straddling his body took his own hands and pinned them to the bed on either side of his head. William leaned down just so that their lips grazed each other’s for the briefest of moments then he leaned back up, staring down appraisingly at the wide-eyed, flush-faced boy beneath him.

“…Beautiful…” William murmured, bringing one of Skandar’s hands up to his mouth, placing light butterfly kisses across his knuckles, palm, and fingers.
“…You are so beautiful…” He continued, kissing down along the visible vein of Skandar’s wrist.

Skandar’s already reddened face turned a darker color of crimson and he looked away, not quite understanding why he couldn’t ever stop being embarrassed around William.

“I- I’m not beautiful…. That’s a word you use to describe a pretty lass… not some wimpy, overly freckled, gangly brace-face…” Skandar mumbled shyly, letting a hand rub over his face, still not looking at William. He felt William let his hand go and place it under his chin, a simple command following it.

“Look at me.”

Skandar refused, letting his eyes fall on anything in the room but the boy above him.

“Skandar, LOOK at me.” Skandar felt his body tremble at the firm tone, shifting his eyes to look into the deep blues of William.

“You are not wimpy, you are not gangly in the least, I find your braces quite endearing and very sexy myself and you can never have too many freckles…” William briefly trailed off, trailing feathery kisses along the dotted map of Skandar’s face, “I love everything about you – from your braces that make that smile of yours all the more perfect to your unique ability to take ever bit of twenty plus minutes to decide what pair of converse sneakers from your shoe wardrobe you want to wear out. …You seriously have a fighting chance to outdo Anna and the time it takes her to ‘put her face on’. “ William tenuously teased, nuzzling his and Skandar’s noses together.

Skandar, wondering if his face could possibly turn any redder, opened his mouth to surely object everything that William said but the other boy didn’t give him the chance, sealing his lips with his own, effectively taking his breath away. After a moment of gently moving his lips against Skandar’s, a hand softly stroking through his hair, William pulled back, leaving Skandar quite breathless.

“Skandar you are beautiful. You are beautiful to me. Get that through that thick skull of yours…” William whispered, rubbing his thumb lightly over Skandar’s slightly reddened lips, ”You are my world, my everything, my ‘Snowbud’… And I won’t tolerate you knocking and belittling yourself like you are – I’ll let it slip this time, as I’ll just assume it’s your cold talking and not you, but this will be the only time…”

Taking in a shaky breath, eyes fluttering shut to hold back the tears that threatened to fall, Skandar let William’s words sink in.
“…Being romantic must come naturally to you…” He breathed, leaning forward to bury his face in the older’s bare chest to hide the tears that were trickling from his eyes.
“No… Not really….” Skandar made little sounds of protest as he felt himself being pulled back, his head being tilted up again to face William once more, “ I’m simply being truthful with you…”

Tears fell and flowed freely down Skandar's cheeks now, his breath catching in his throat.
If it wasn’t for the smile that was splitting his lips one might have thought he was upset… but that most certainly wasn’t the case.

“Damnit Will…” Skandar muttered before throwing himself into William’s arms, letting his mouth find his to share in a needy and desirous kiss. “Show me how much you love me…” He murmured into William’s eager mouth, sliding his hands under the material of William's shirt to slip off his shoulders.
“Don’t I always?” William whispered back, shrugging out of the shirt and letting his own hands find Skandar’s shirt, briefly breaking away to pull the thin material up and over his head. “…I’ll show you as often as you want.” William added, pushing Skandar back into the plush mattress, wiping away his tears with deft fingers. Without another word he set about placing hungry kisses all across the pale flesh of Skandar’s body, eliciting more than a few moans from the boy.

Skandar gasped and arched into the touch as William’s lust driven fingers relieved him of his jeans and the material that lay beneath them. Letting a hand bury in William’s hair and another grasp tightly into the sheets of the bed, Skandar let his eyes linger on the window just behind him. Craning his neck he was able to once more make out the falling specks of glittering white that he’d been watching earlier, the whimsical flakes dancing in and out of his vision.

“Beautiful...” Skandar breathed, arching off the bed at the sensual touch that was flooding his senses.

“…You are…” William’s husky voice answered him back as he pushed himself up to look down at Skandar, “…you’re as fair and one-of-a-kind as any snowflake – pale, graceful, enchanting, alluring, gorgeous, beautiful – “ Skandar moaned breathily as William’s heated body lowered atop his own – the thought of just when William had removed the rest of his clothes occurring to him briefly before forgetting it. “- And I love the way you melt under the barest of touches…” William let one of his hands stroke a line down Skandar’s chest - slowly, carefully - his fingers barely grazing the skin on it’s slow journey down his chest, past his stomach, coming to a halt on one pale thigh.
“You are my love, my ‘snowbud’, my snowflake….you're mine

“Only yours..” Skandar gasped out, pushing himself up into William’s firm body, wrapping his arms around his neck as he arched backward to reveal his slender neck to William.

Through nearly closed eyes Skandar was able to catch a glimpse of the window again the feel of William’s hands grasping and rubbing over the entirety of his body, hungry lips devouring the supple skin of his neck and where ever else they touched. This was the last thing Skandar could clearly remember before giving himself entirely over to William’s desires.
The sight of the pure white snow falling softly outside his window registered to Skandar once more as he felt William gently push his knees apart and then – it was gone; his mind became obscured and lost to total and complete pleasure...

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