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FIClet: Most Precious

Well, I let my muse run away with me again. This isn't the first slash I've written, you just haven't seen the other one because its not posted yet, so be on the lookout for that one! *grumbles at Rae for making her post it* Anywhooo, here's the fruits of my muse from last night. Comments and feedback are totally appreciated and loved, as I'm VERY unsure about my writing...

Title: Most Precious
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Peter/Edmund
Disclaimer: Don’t own ‘em, just love ‘em.
Warning: Ridiculously upsetting to write, probably will be ridiculously upsetting to read, but it just had to be written.
Notes: Inspired by lyrics from U2’s “Faraway, So Close.” I mutated one of the lines a little bit though- the actual line is Just the bang and the clatter, not crash and the shatter. ;)

Dedication: This one’s going out to two people. 0oraeraeo0 for finally getting me to write slash, and thefloatingbear for being my angsty British muse =D I love you gals.


Edmund glanced down at the small vial held between his thumb and forefinger. The blood red liquid inside quivered with his shaking fingers, as he contemplated its value.

(no more guilt, no more fears, no more lies, no more tears)

The castle was filled with shouts and cries; but out here, there was no one around (not a sound) and he wouldn’t be found.

It’s quiet and there’s no one around
Just the crash and the shatter
As an angel runs to ground

Edmund closed his eyes- the time for dreaming the impossible- was long gone. Trusting to hope had been his foolish paradise. He had betrayed them, he had abandoned them, and he had forsaken himself. They’d had no room for forgiveness, repentance was not enough. He glanced down with watery eyes, slender fingers gently opening the vial.

(no more failing, no more shame, no more trying, no more blame)

It is as he swallows the liquid, as the poison spreads like fire through his veins, as every limb begins to feel weak, that Edmund understands.

(tender touches, whispered kisses, golden smiles, and granted wishes)

And Peter finds him then, blue eyes wide, screaming without a sound. The vial drops from Edmund’s nerveless fingers, shattering upon the stones. And Edmund is lost-lost in his breathless tempting dreams as the world crashes around him. The harsh patter of running footfalls echoes soundlessly upon deaf ears, for Edmund does not see.

It’s quiet and there’s no one around
Just the crash and the shatter
As an angel hits the ground.

Peter watches his brother fall, his world shattering as the stars seem to cascade from the sky, darkening his world into a single blinding light. He rushes towards his little midnight angel, his saving grace – and Edmund’s head turns against the ground. Tears slowly leak from dulling brown eyes, and he realizes he is not alone (was never alone). And Peter reaches him then - all the soft caresses, forgiving sighs, sun-warmed arms, and sky-blue eyes reach out to Edmund in a single golden form.

Faraway, so close.

And Edmund looks up at his brother with sad brown eyes. Peter holds him close, lips against his forehead, eyes bright with tears. The darkness is watching, waiting (enticing, reaching). Edmund’s world begins to dim, his strength gradually leaving him. A pale hand (those slender fingers) reaches up to touch Peter’s cheek, and the golden king holds it within his own. The whispers in the shadows had finally come (to take him into the night). And Peter kisses Edmund then- a desperate plea sweeping across red-stained lips. Peter pulls away enough to feel the words against his lips; Edmund’s mouth moves slowly, silently, words that Peter does not need to hear to understand. I’m sorry…

And nestled safely within his brother’s arms, Edmund slowly fades away into the future (but the past would never be forgotten). The stars became witnesses to a life once lived, and a life that now would no longer live. Their light shone softly down in silent sympathy on that boy…

…that golden boy who was too late to save the most precious gift in his life.

It’s quiet and there’s no one around
Just the crash and the shatter
As an angel runs to ground
Just the crash and the shatter
As an angel hits the ground.

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