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Wide Eyes Terrified: Chapter 4

There has been totally too much excitement for one day. I seriously feel like I'm going to self-destruct. Explode. Kaboom. BUT be that as it may, I'm celebrating! And so here you go, for all of you that have been waiting, here is the long awaited chapter 4! Celebrate Narnia coming out in the US, celebrate Peter and Ed finally being married in Just and Magnificent by suborbital and celebrate the amazingness that is the behind the scenes stuff of Skan on the Narnia DVD!
Ok enough talking from me. So here you, in CELEBRATION! :):)

Title: Wide Eyes Terrified

Disclaimer: Don't own 'em, just love 'em.

Rating: Putting this one up at R for themes and events.

Summary: Peter learns just how harmful loving Edmund can be. The question is, will he realize before it manages to destroy them both? Will he be able to cope, knowing its his love that puts Edmund in danger? (this is NOT SLASH)

Author's Note: Don't expect a miracle work of art for this chapter, its nothing to be amazed about. This was originally meant to be two chapters, but now its one, and its almost 6000 words long, the longest I've ever written. Italics are Lucy's Dream. Note, half of the dream is an actual memory, the other half is a dream. I think you'll be able to figure it out ;)

Dedication: Lesse, special to capegio for betaing, CoveredinGlitter for constantly making sure I stayed on track and actually got it out, A Amelia Black for inadvertently giving me the spark I needed to finish this, 0oraeraeo0 for just being herself, and all of my other girlies who keep me going. I luffs you all more than you can imagine.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3


Peter was awoken later that night by Edmund, the younger boy moaning and shifting restlessly in his brother’s arms. Peter held him a little bit closer, wrapping both arms around his waist, waiting for the painful spell to end.

“Shhh…hey Ed it’s alright, I’ve got you…” he whispered softly, eyes sad. He had a vague idea of what was coming and desperately hoped that he was wrong. But his prayers hadn’t been answered for days now, and they weren’t about to be answered this time either. He pressed Edmund more tightly to him as his brother’s tremors became worse. He reached out, gently clasping each of Ed’s hands, arms still wrapped around his stomach.

“I’ve got you…come on you little devil, fight this.” And it did seem like Edmund was fighting, though Peter could tell that he was not winning. His moans escalated into cries, and finally into one long scream, his body going rigid in Peter’s arms. Peter’s eyes clenched shut in the same moment that his brother clenched his hands, slender fingers gripping Peter’s till the knuckles were white.

Peter forced his tears back, staring blindly at the darkness beneath his lids. His brother was screaming, much as he had on that first night. He could hear that scream echoing back to him and it truly was an echo; Edmund’s scream, as he now lay in Peter’s arms, was so weak, a shadow of Edmund’s former voice. His eyes shot open when Edmund convulsed, choking on his breath and almost dislodging himself from Peter’s arms. Peter leaned forward with him, pulling him back upright. Edmund’s head turned into his chest, the violent coughs now taking over and shaking his body, more blood quickly coating Peter’s shirt. Peter rubbed soothing circles on the back of Edmund’s hand with his thumb, feeling just as helpless as he had that first night.

“Come on Eddie don’t do this to me…you’re scaring me…please…” He clenched his eyes shut once more, almost trying to will the very breath in his lungs over to his brother. Blue eyes snapped back open in shock as another sound mingled with the harsh grating sound of the coughs.

“…’ete’…’ou…git…’m…kay…’top…’orr…’y…’ing…” Edmund choked out, the words very broken, more like tiny syllables. Had Peter been sitting any further away, he was certain he would not have heard them. He twisted his head down to see his brother’s face and was shocked to see not closed eyelids, but pained dark-brown eyes. They glinted in the moonlight, looking up a moment later and locking onto his own. Peter smiled down at him, a happiness flowing through him in that instant; a glimpse of those eyes temporarily pushing his worry aside. Edmund very weakly smiled back at him, lips barely curving, but curving nonetheless. “…’ou…’orr…’y…too…'uch...’ete’…” he whispered again, voice weak. Peter stroked the hair back from Edmund’s eyes gently as those eyelids fluttered.

“Ed I-” But those brown eyes vanished and Edmund went limp against him a moment later, dark head still turned sideways into Peter’s chest. Peter’s thumb continued to rub soothing circles on his hand and he rested his chin on that dark hair again. Edmund had spoken to him; he had seen those dark eyes he knew so well yet missed so much. He felt a strange sense of hope fill him, but it was quickly overpowered by pain: pain that reflected the pain he had seen in those brown depths; pain that was reflected and distorted in the blood on his shirt. He glanced up as Susan entered the room softly, eyes catching his.

“I heard his…cries…” she spoke quietly. She set down the bowl and water she had been holding on the bedside table. “This…this might help his breathing,” she continued when Peter did not answer. She carefully poured the steaming water over the herbs at the bottom of the bowl and the room immediately filled with a warm soothing scent. Peter sat back against the headboard, situating Edmund more securely in his arms as Susan sat on the edge of the bed, bowl in her lap. They sat in silence for a few minutes, Susan sadly watching her younger brother, eyes taking in his fever-flushed face. Peter watched her, though he was not really paying attention, his thumb still rubbing over Edmund’s hand. Perhaps it was Peter’s imagination, but Edmund did seem to be breathing more easily. He finally glanced back over at Susan, the hand around Edmund’s stomach moving up to gently touch his forehead, brushing the dark hair away from closed eyelids.

“He spoke,” he whispered, so quietly it almost wasn’t heard. Susan’s head snapped up to look at him, studying his features in the dim moonlight.

“That’s good…isn’t it?” she asked almost warily. Peter seemed to hesitate for a moment then nodded, swallowing thickly. Susan took one hand from the bowl, placing it on her older brother’s shoulder. “Peter…” Peter shook his head, cutting her off.

“I know Susan I know…” he looked back up at her, “but there was so much pain…I could see it Su…he tried to hide it but-… but oh Aslan it was there.” Susan gently stroked his hair.

“Peter stop thinking about this. If…if that time comes…” she stopped, unable to finish, though it didn’t matter since Peter had spoken up again.

“That’s just it Su. The time can’t come. It can’t because I-” he looked down at Edmund, eyes shutting then as he squeezed his brother, “-because I can’t let him go…” he whispered, voice even softer than before. Susan smiled sadly, trying to be strong. She could see Peter slowly breaking. The cracks were small, but they were there.

“Peter you…you just might have to let him go…but he will always be with you…” she trailed off, hating the unspoken meanings behind her words. Peter shook his head again, a small frustrated sigh escaping him.

“No Su, I can’t…I can’t…and he can’t…” Susan looked down at her younger brother, her own voice even less than a whisper now as well.

“But he might…” Peter’s head snapped up.

“He can’t!” he cried out softly, wildly. Susan reached forward again but Peter shied away from her touch.

“Peter I’m sorry…but I can’t lose both of my brothers…” There was a small silence between them, broken only by Edmund’s erratic breaths. Finally Peter spoke, his voice almost not heard at all.

“What’s ‘midnight’?” he asked, voice cracking. Susan looked at him alarmed, wondering if her older brother had finally lost his sanity.

“Peter what are you-”

“I asked you a question Susan!” he interrupted, turning to face her, eyes bright with unshed tears. Susan gasped slightly at the anguish reflecting back through tears that still refused to fall, tears that still held hope. She quickly glanced out the window then back at Peter, sighing.

“Well Peter, ‘midnight’ is 12 AM. It’s the time when-”

“No…” he whispered, again interrupting her. Susan looked at him incredulously, though he was staring blankly out the window.

“No?” she repeated. “Peter I don’t understand what you are talking-”

“That the point Susan! You don’t understand! Midnight is the best part of every night; and midnight is when you know you can finally go to sleep; and midnight is your own special time, time that no one else can share with you…” He paused, glancing away from the window to his brother, eyes softening, “…and midnight has its own little devil,” he whispered, stroking the dark hair back tenderly.

Susan was beyond confused. She had never seen Peter act this way before and it scared her. She glanced between her brothers in silence for a few moments before watching Peter closely. In the end she sighed, carefully setting the bowl on the bed stand. She leaned forward, placing a kiss on both her brothers’ heads, letting a hand rest in their hair, one as light as the other was dark before quietly leaving the room.

Peter watched her leave, allowing himself to be slightly comforted by her gentle ministrations. He once more rested his chin on Edmund’s hair, arms situating themselves firmly around him, eyes never leaving the door. Again the silence was broken only by Edmund’s labored breathing, though eased somewhat by the soothing scent emanating from the bowl. Peter finally spoke, his soft voice seeming to echo through the room with his small confession.

“…I don’t know what to do Ed…”


Where were they?! They were taking forever! Lucy bounced up and down anxiously next to Susan, hardly able to contain her impatience. She glanced at her sister and humphed. Susan seemed to be completely nonplussed by the fact that her brothers were late…again!

“Lu you want to calm down? They’ll be here in a few moments,” Susan said, pretending to be exasperated, though she couldn’t hide the small smile adorning her face. Lucy looked up at her sister, both standing at the entrance to Cair Paravel.

“Oh common’ Su, how long does it take them?! Surely they have to be almost do-” She turned quickly as something that sounded distinctly like bickering reached her ears. She shared a smile with Susan, who rolled her eyes.

“They never do stop do they?” Lucy chuckled, nudging her sister in the arm, grinning cheekily up at her.

“You just now figured that out?” Susan groaned at her sister’s words.

“I swear you are spending way too much time with Edmund, Lu.” Lucy grinned up at her yet again, or perhaps that grin had never gone away.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing…” Susan threw up her hands in mock exasperation, but Lucy’s attention was shifted as twin sets of hoof beats now reached her ears to accompany the voices. She quickly grabbed Susan’s hand, pulling her towards the sound. A few moments later she stopped, listening to the bickering that emanated from the stables.

“You’re a bloody idiot…”

“How am I the idiot?! And watch your language. You’re the one who-”

“Because you are and I’ll bloody well say whatev-...stop that! I’m FINE!”

“Stop being such a prat, let me see.”

“I’m going to let you see the back of my hand in a few moments…”

Lucy turned to Susan and grinned, tugging her towards the doors again as her elder sister rolled her eyes. She stopped in the doorway, almost laughing at how absurd her brothers looked. Words were flying almost as fast as hands were tugging, Peter’s hand locked around Edmund’s wrist as Edmund tried to pull away.

“Peter shove off I’m fine!”

“Then just let me look Ed, how hard could that be?”

“Well you’re wrenching my arm hard enough, I’m not going to be fine in a few moments now get off me!”

“I’m not wrenching, that’s all you! Ed please, I saw you-”

“Get down! I got DOWN! For the love of Aslan, next you’re going to try and look at my ankle or something. Peter I’M FINE!”

Lucy chuckled at the look Peter gave Edmund, his eyes darting down to Edmund’s ankle even as he kept up his death grip on Edmund’s wrist. She moved further into the room before fists could begin to fly, letting her brother’s notice her standing there. Edmund used the distraction to pull his arm free from Peter’s grasp.

“What happened?” Susan asked, stepping up next to Lucy. Both of her brothers immediately answered, Edmund a few seconds after Peter.

“He fell off his horse.”

“I got DOWN off Philip to get a closer look at something.”

Peter turned to Edmund, giving him one of those looks.

“Well pardon me for being a bit dense, but ‘a closer look’ doesn’t usually involve lying on your side on the ground the last time I checked.” Edmund snorted, his cheeks flushing a slight red despite his reaction.

“I was checking your sleeping arrangements. Have to find a good spot for you to sleep when I throw you out of the castle for being a git.”

“Oh I’m being a git now? At least I’M not too blockheaded to let someone make sure I’m alright.” Edmund crossed his arms, cutting off any further words.

“Yes you are, Peter.” Lucy laughed again at that and Peter turned to glance at her. She shook her head at her oldest brother, trying to stifle her giggles.

“He does have a point, you know…”

“Can’t really refute the obvious,” Susan chimed in from next to her.

Peter stared open-mouthed between his smiling sisters and smirking brother. Lucy stepped forward before he could start up again, placing one hand on each of her brother’s arms.

“Enough you two, you’re fighting like a married couple. Edmund, are you alright?”

“I’m fine!” he answered, glaring at Peter. Peter’s arms crossed over his chest and he scowled.

“Having to live with him is dreadful enough, I don’t see how anyone could put up with him enough to marry him,” he mumbled.

“At least I would be able to find someone, unlike you,” Edmund retorted. Lucy rolled her eyes, shaking their arms as Susan stepped forward.

“Alright alright, so you both wouldn’t make good husbands, we understand. Peter, he’s fine. Edmund, stop baiting Peter. You two are late. You should both know better than to keep Lucy waiting,” she spoke sternly, leaving no room for arguments. Both boys looked down at Lucy then back up at each other before sheepishly making their way out. Lucy turned to Susan as soon as they were out of sight and huffed. “The only mate they’d be able to find is each other. I say, those two are both pieces of work!” Susan chuckled and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. She looked up at the door, shaking her head.

“Peter he said he’s fine! Stop bickering you two!” Susan called, as the sounds faintly drifted back to them. Lucy laughed again as Susan smiled at her and they followed the boys out of the stables.

“I agree, Lu, the only person who could ever put up with them is them. Won’t it be the day when they finally figure that out.”

She knew it was going to happen...it was inevitable…

“Lu where exactly are we going?” Peter asked, ducking beneath another low hanging branch. Lucy turned to him and grinned, walking beneath another branch with no problem.

“You’ll see Peter! I think you’ll like it, just trust me.” Peter looked around, ducking beneath the branch Lu had easily walked under. Lucy hurried forward a little bit faster. She wanted to show it to them so bad! Why were they taking so long! Why couldn’t they speed it up? She was about to say just that when an ‘oomph’ sounded behind her, followed by laughter. Lucy turned, finding Peter on the ground staring up, winded with Edmund laughing in front of him and quickly deduced what had happened. Next to her, Susan rolled her eyes and moved forward, reaching out a hand to help Peter up.

“Edmund, must you?” Edmund continued to laugh.

“Sorry Su I can’t help it. He falls for it every time!” Peter glared at him, reaching forward to cuff him on the head. Edmund ducked the hand, the action making him laugh even harder. Susan turned to Peter, flashing him a warning.

“Peter don’t…” But Peter wasn’t about to listen. He flew forward quickly, chasing the younger boy. Edmund easily evaded, smirking at Peter as he came up to walk next to Lucy…well…more like shield himself with Lucy. Susan rolled her eyes and put her hand on her forehead, leaning into it in exasperation.

“H-hey!” Lucy cried out as Edmund’s hands latched onto her shoulders, moving her this way and that in front of Peter. Peter glared at his brother, but from her position Lucy could see the small smile twitching at the corners of Peter’s mouth.

“Ed, hiding behind Lucy isn’t going to save you.” Edmund looked from his brother to Lucy a few times before he smirked, sticking out his tongue, baiting Peter as always.

“Well with your skills, I could hide behind a pinecone and still be fine.” Lucy shook her head then and she couldn’t help but smile as well. They really were a right piece of work! And Susan wasn’t fooling her at all. Susan could pretend to be exasperated as much as she wished, but Lucy knew she loved watching their antics just as much as she did. If there was one person that could always rub Peter in the wrong way, it was Edmund. Lucy shook her head again and looked forward, giving up on getting free and her eyes lit up.

“Oh! Come on!” she rushed forward, breaking from Edmund’s grasp and breaking through the fringe of the trees a moment later. Her sudden movement must have caught Edmund off guard, because she heard a yelp of surprise behind her a moment later and she figured Peter must have caught him while he wasn’t paying attention. But it was short lived as she quickly ran ahead of them, and their games were forgotten when Peter called to her.

“Lucy!” The other three sped up to catch up with her. They all stopped at the edge, glancing out before them. Peter’s brow furrowed in confusion.

“Lu it’s just the waterfall. We’ve been here already.” Lucy turned, grinning up at him from where he was standing next to Edmund.

“Not where I’m taking you, you haven’t.” Lucy grinned and quickly move forward, leading her siblings parallel to the river, until she hit an opening in a small hill. She turned and smiled at them, cutting off her eldest brother as he tried to speak up. “Just trust me Peter.” Peter turned and looked out at the surrounding area and Lucy rolled her eyes. The entrance was actually rather hidden, so he had no need to worry. He must have figured it out for himself, because he was following them in a split second later.

“Peter don’t shut it or we won’t be able to-” Peter let the foliage slide back over the entrance, “-see.” Edmund finished his sentence and Lucy had to bite back a giggle as her siblings looked around, wondering why it hadn’t receded to pitch black.

“Come on!” she said, grabbing Susan’s hand and pulling her forward. Her brothers followed silently, looking around. They traveled for only a few more moments, the sound of the waterfall becoming louder and louder as the tunnel became lighter.

“Lucy what…” Lucy turned and grinned, cutting her sister off and tugging her forward again. They broke through the tunnel into a comfortably sized cave. Lucy let go of her sister’s hand in that moment and turned, watching their faces go from confused to awed at the same time. The cave was quite cozy, with small patches of plush green moss that contrasted the blue light of the waterfall. The waterfall seemed even more beautiful from behind, and somehow the cave felt that much more protected, hidden beneath the flowing water. Lucy smiled widely.

“Mr. Tumnus and I found it a few days ago. He said that no one knows about it. Isn’t it wonderful?!” she asked, almost bursting with pride and excitement. Edmund finally turned to Lucy, the flashes of blue light bouncing off his brown eyes and making them twinkle even more.

“This is it?” was all he asked. Lucy let her smile fall, and both Peter and Susan turned sharply to Edmund. Edmund chuckled, throwing his arms up. “Hey hey! I was just joking…” Lucy smiled again and ran to him, hugging him tightly. Her brother was a bit surprised and he looked down at her for a moment before smiling and hugging her back. He leaned down slightly and whispered, “Its wonderful Lu.” Lucy smiled even more widely, nestling herself contently in his arms, her cheek resting against his breastbone as she looked to the side, watching the waterfall happily. She could feel Edmund’s arms around her and he made no move to let go, watching just as silently. Lucy could feel his even breathing beneath her ear, her head moving up and down softly with each breath. Lucy’s brow furrowed and she shifted slightly in his embrace to look up at him. When did he get so tall? The last time he had actually allowed her to hug him she was sure she could rest her head on his shoulder. Now his shoulder was far above her head. Edmund seemed to sense her thoughts and chuckled slightly, though Lucy could feel it much more easily than she could hear it. Someone came up next to them before her brother could say anything. Out of the corner of her eye Lucy could see that it was Susan. Another sound let her know that Peter had come up on Edmund’s other side, but her view was blocked by Edmund’s body.

“How did you and Tumnus find this place Lu?” Susan asked gently, still in awe of the cave. Lucy twisted in Edmund’s arms and smiled brightly up at her.

“I guess hide and seek is the game to play when you want to discover new places.” Peter laughed on Edmund’s other side and Lucy looked around her brother to see him before nestling back into Edmund, quite content. Lucy’s eyes shut as the sounds of the water, coupled with the feel of Edmund’s steady breaths lulled her into a semi-doze, but she was quickly jerked out of it when Edmund tensed beneath her. She looked up at him, but his eyes were locked on the waterfall.

“Edmund?...” she asked, eyes questioning, the small sound alerting Peter and Susan. Edmund continued to stare at the waterfall, his eyes wide. Lucy went to shake him but stopped quickly.

“…Dad?...” Edmund whispered softly, staring at the waterfall. His hands dropped from her shoulders and he turned, slowly walking forwards. Lucy looked around, trying to see what Edmund saw, wondering why her father would be in Narnia.

“Ed what are you-…” Peter began, but Edmund wasn’t listening. He continued walking closer and closer towards the waterfall, almost in a trance. Lucy felt a cold wave of fear wash over her. Something wasn’t right. What was going on? Something wasn’t right at all. This hadn’t happened. This wasn’t part of the memory. This wasn’t real…or was it? Lucy gasped, staggering backwards as the waterfall went from a beautiful blue to a bright vivid red, staining the walls the colour of blood.

And still Edmund walked forward. Lucy tried to look at Peter and Susan, but she couldn’t move; she couldn’t turn her head away from Edmund.

“Ed!” Peter cried from her left, trying to snap him out of it.

“Edmund please!” Susan called, mere moments after Peter. Edmund stopped a footstep away from the ledge and the waterfall, eyes staring blankly forward. Lucy tried to move, tried to take a step towards her brother, feeling so helpless and useless. Edmund suddenly seemed to snap out of whatever trance he had been in, his eyes widening. Lucy heard Peter cry out again as Edmund convulsed once. What was going on? Why was Edmund doing this? This didn’t happen! This DIDN’T HAPPEN! She struggled once more but she couldn’t move, she couldn’t do anything. Time seemed to slow down, the waterfall almost defying gravity as it cascaded lazily behind Edmund, casting his figure into a pale but harsh red light. Edmund convulsed again, his eyes going wide, the horror on his face mirroring the horror Lucy felt. He stared forward, his breathing quickening drastically and he stumbled, his foot flying out, only to meet the water of the waterfall.

Lucy screamed.

Susan screamed.

And Peter screamed. Time started again that instant, and before Lucy knew it Peter was flying forward. Her oldest brother caught Edmund around the waist, using his momentum to throw him backwards away from the ledge. Peter’s eyes went wide as he in turn stumbled over the ledge, losing his footing, the pressure of the waterfall immediately driving him downwards. Susan screamed for him as he fell, his hands grabbing the ledge in a white-knuckled grip. Edmund was thrown heavily to the floor, gasping and choking, bright red droplets of blood appearing on his lips with small flecks staining the ground beneath him as he coughed it up.

Lucy watched the scene as if it were playing before her eyes. She felt strangely detached from it. Susan ran past her, reaching out for Peter. Edmund cried out behind her, trying to crawl forward as his body convulsed; Susan turned to him in shock and quickly grabbed him around the waist, pulling him against her body as he came dangerously close to the ledge. Holding Edmund with one arm she once again reached out for Peter, whose hold on the rocks was slowly slipping. She turned to Lucy and screamed something to her, but no sound escaped. Lucy saw her lips moving, but the entire world had gone silent in that moment. Lucy couldn’t move; she was frozen in place, forced to watched everything, and yet unable to help. She cried out, tears of frustration escaping from her eyes and she struggled desperately to run forward. There was a cracking sound and suddenly she was running. The silence was gone, replaced by an uproar of noise from the waterfall. She reached her sister’s side just as Peter shook his head sadly.

“Peter please! Take my hand!” Susan cried, reaching as far as she could. Edmund bent forward even more, his face pressed close to the cave floor as his body convulsed. Lucy dropped down next to him, rubbing his back, not sure what to do. Peter shook his head again, looking sadly up at Susan.

“I’m so sorry…I couldn’t…I couldn’t save him Su…I’m so sorry…” Susan stared wide-eyed down at Peter, desperation written clearly on her gentle features.

“Peter please! Edmund is right here! You did save him!” She turned and grabbed Edmund as he once more reached out to Peter. Peter locked eyes with Edmund, something swirling deep inside those blue depths.

“I’m so sorry…” he mouthed, staring at his brother. Edmund let out a choked cry, reaching forward once more as Peter’s hands slipped…

Her vision swirled, the scene distorting and fading, Susan and Edmund blurring before her. She reached out a hand to them but she was unable to stop herself from being pulled away. Her vision went black and there was a thump as she felt herself hit something soft.


Lucy jerked awake, the cry of fear quickly dying on her lips as she looked frantically around the room. Peter, Edmund, no, it…it couldn’t be true…it just couldn’t! She immediately threw the covers off, getting up and racing out of the room, her heart pounding as she ran towards Edmund’s chambers. She stopped for a second to catch her breath, trying to force the tears of fright away. She blinked rapidly, hearing voices coming from just around the corner. She poked her head around, keeping herself as far back as possible.

"He hasn't been able to sleep properly for days,” Oreius whispered.

"Are you sure?" the healer queried, looking up from his papers. The General nodded.

"Whatever is causing this ailment must be keeping him from getting enough rest." Dorjan responded quietly. Tumnus looked up, staring at the healer.

"Have you informed King Peter…Queen Susan…Queen Lucy?" he asked quietly. Dorjan shook his head, turning to Oreius as the centaur spoke up.

"King Peter has been with him since this sickness began. Surely he knows how much sleep King Edmund is getting."

"And it is just about the same amount King Peter is getting as well." Tumnus cut in quietly. The healer glanced at the faun and then the centaur, face grave.

"With all due respect Sirs, without the proper amount of rest...King Edmund is not going to make it, whether I can discover the cure or not." The healer turned back to Tumnus before the faun could open his mouth. "And no, our Majesties do not know of this either." Oreius glanced silently down the hallway and Lucy quickly pulled back, pressing her head against the wall, as the centaur’s words drifted to her.

"The youngest Son of Adam is dying."

Lucy clapped a hand to her mouth, eyes widening in shock before squeezing shut. She pressed herself completely to the wall, listening for the sounds of hoof beats and feet to fade away. She looked around the corner and then sprinted the final bit, stopping short at Edmund’s door and pushing in as silently yet as quickly as she could. Her eyes adjusted to the dim light and she breathed a sigh of relief as her brothers materialized in the darkness. She slowly walked over to the bed, sitting carefully on the edge before them, the weight in her chest loosening as she softly sighed in relief. Peter was there, he was alive; his head was resting against the headboard, arms still holding Edmund securely to his chest even as they both slept. Edmund’s head was turned inwards, his cheek pressed to Peter’s heart, rising and falling with Peter’s steady breaths. She smiled sadly, letting one hand come up, her knuckles brushing across Edmund’s other cheek gently. The feel of his soft skin, albeit flushed with heat beneath her fingers, comforted her and confirmed that her brothers were both real, real and alive. Edmund shifted and moaned and she pulled back, surprised. His eyes blearily opened halfway, weary browns finding bright blue-greens.

“Lu…cy…” he whispered after a few moments. Lucy let out a tiny, choked laugh and smiled at him, rubbing her hand through his hair once. Never would she have thought that hearing her name from Edmund’s lips could mean so much to her.

“Yes, it’s me, Edmund...” she whispered back. Edmund blinked slowly, trying to move. Lucy quickly placed a hand on his cheek. “Shh…it’s alright…you don’t want to wake Peter…” He looked over, realizing that his head was resting against Peter’s chest and stilled once more. Lucy stroked his cheek once more before dropping her hand. “Sleep, Edmund…get better for us okay?” She smiled reassuringly, letting her hand find his in the dark and gently covering it. Edmund gave her the smallest of smiles and nodded, blinking tiredly again.

“’m fine Lu…no need to worry…’bout…me…” Lucy smiled tenderly down at him, letting her hand rest over his until his eyelids fluttered before sliding shut. She let the smile drop from her face as she fought to remain composed. She slowly stood up, turning her attention to Peter, who had not woken. She let a hand rest in his hair, placing a quick kiss to his temple before she turned and headed quietly for the door. She stopped halfway there, hearing a soft voice call her name. She turned to find Peter blinking blearily at her.

“Oh Peter…” she whispered to herself, walking back over. He watched her come forward.

“Lu…do you think…” he looked down at Edmund, still resting semi-peacefully, “…do you think you could watch him for me?” he whispered. Lucy nodded, not quite sure why he wished to leave Edmund now. Peter sensed her unspoken question and smiled, not knowing that Edmund had been awake only moments before.

“I’ll be right back I promise…I just need…” he let one hand unwrap from around his brother’s stomach, motioning towards the door. “I’ll be right back I promise…” he looked down at Edmund. “I just don’t want to leave him alone…”

“Its alright Peter, I’ll stay with him until you return,” she responded, letting a hand rest on his shoulder briefly as she once more sat on the edge of the bed. Peter sighed and nodded, slowly easing himself out from beneath Edmund and laying him fully down.

“I’ll be right back Ed I promise,” he whispered, leaning close to his brother’s ear. Edmund stirred slightly, eyelids fluttering, but he did not wake. Peter stood up, bending over and kissing Lucy’s temple quickly. “Thanks Lu,” he whispered, breath brushing against her hair before he made his way to the door. Lucy watched him leave the room silently before turning back to Edmund. She moved forward, letting herself rest against the headboard near Edmund’s head. She glanced uncertainly down at him before placing a hand in his hair, stroking softly.

“Come on Edmund...just get better…I miss you…” she whispered. She paused for a moment, thoughts going back to the conversation she had heard in the hallway, before her soft voice threaded once more through the still room. “Prove them wrong Edmund…prove them wrong.”


Peter sighed, still completely exhausted. Edmund had finally calmed down and succumbed to some much needed sleep, though how long he would remain calm Peter could only wonder. The blonde king made his way towards the kitchens to get a drink before he returned. He hated leaving Edmund, but Lucy was there with him and Peter had promised his little brother that he would not be gone long.

He yawned, his stockinged feet padding silently into the kitchens, before recoiling in surprise. He had not expected anyone else to be up at this hour. Peter was about to alert the other to his presence when his eyes narrowed, vaguely recognizing the person in front of him. Hidden behind the doorframe, Peter watched the man go about his tasks. Occasionally the man would glance warily at the door, forcing Peter to hide from view. The man looked about the kitchens, searching for something. Peter's suspicions rose even more when the man reached for Peter's dining glass. Peter squinted, trying to distinguish the face. The man pulled down the glass, glancing at the door once more. Peter watched the man uncork a small vial, dripping some of the red liquid it held into Peter’s glass, before smearing some around the rim. The red liquid stood out starkly against the silver cup for a moment before fading, as though nothing were there.

“You sure you don’t mind me drinking this?” Edmund asked, glancing at his brother. Peter nodded.
“It’s not as though I were about to drink it, so you might as well,” he responded.
The dark-haired youth grinned cheekily, taking another sip from his cup.

It was then that the man glanced towards the door once more, his face catching in a shaft of moonlight. Peter gasped quietly, mouth opening in shock as everything became clear to him in one astonishing moment. His shock was quickly replaced by a low burning anger that coiled and wrapped around his insides, growing with each second until Peter growled, now staring in anger at the blue tinged face before him. He lunged angrily into the room, knocking over the table full of dishes as he ran forwards. In that instant his vision narrowed, and he did not care about anything but that man, eyesight tinged red at the corners, a cold fury bubbling through him as he ran towards the one who had poisoned his little brother.


For all you people who didn't get it, what Ed said to Peter was "Peter you git, I'm okay, stop worrying." and the second time it was "You worry too much Peter." Like I said, this chapter wasn't much. I know its long, and if you are reading this than you managed to bear with me :) kudos to you!

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